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Купить костюм трансформера Гандам | Liga robotov

Mobile warrior Gundam — the weapon of one of the longest active anime franchises in the history of anime, unites dozens of TV series, OVA and feature film created by Studio Sunrise, as well as include various video games and manga.


Gundam in the first place, these weapons are piloted from the inside by a pilot officer. The weapons of the peacekeepers, invaders and so on, the mass became very popular immediately after the release of the first ansata manga in the distant 1979. Mobile armor grew more than one generation, and recognition of characters and costumes provided to them everywhere.


  • View: transformer
  • League of anime
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Height: 2.3 m
  • Material – flexible rubber
  • Inner strap fastening with a handy and sturdy carabiner
  • Led costume elements
  • Audio recorder
  • Space gun


Ideal for starting
  • Costume Gundam
  • Illumination of helmet.
  • ··················
  • ··················
  • ··················
  • ··················


Golden mean
  • Costume Gundam
  • A gun
  • Illumination of helmet, body.
  • ··················
  • ··················
  • ··················


Complete set for conquering the market
  • Costume Gundam
  • A gun
  • Voice Transducer
  • Audio Recorder
  • Case with scripts
  • Implementation Plan