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The team of fighters against evil rush to the rescue!

Family of ninja warriors, who have been guarding the peace of New York for decades, now also on your holiday!
We ask you to love and buy Turtles-Ninjas, genetically modified fighters against crime.

A team of four turtles will cope with anything!

The leader of the team, the hero in all senses of the word, an irreconcilable champion of honor and justice, a model of piety and military valor Leonardo, the owner of two katans! - He leads his family with him.

Bright, explosive and unrestrained Raphael, the master of the dagger-say, let him be still rude ... but always stand up for the weak, and will not miss the moment to take the place of the leader of the team.

A cheerful and carefree fan of cartoons and pizza, Michelangelo will dispel sadness and melancholy with his jokes and tricks, but you should not buy his turtle's appearance as a teenager! In his hands nunchakas are more dangerous than a grenade launcher!

And the team's brain, technological and scientific genius, the personification of reason and modesty, Donatello! The owner is a pole-bo.

Growing away from sunlight, night defenders of the city will gladly entertain your guests! And they will never forget the holiday on which the Turtles met them.

The set of each anthropomorphic fighter includes his full equipment, according to the vision of Jonathan Libesman!
And when ordering the whole team, you will get an incredible discount and a case with show scripts!

The idols of millions of children and teenagers of three generations are now also on your holiday. Especially from the Robot League for you.

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Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.