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How can an animator in a transformer robot costume not get tired while working, if the holiday lasts several hours? Your benefits from the acquisition of OPTIMUS PALADIN 2019

Work as an animator in a transformer robot costume can hardly be called the simplest occupation in the world. The work does not seem so rosy, because on the one hand, there is a good salary, smiles and joyful laughter of the children, thanks to the parents, and on the other hand, you spend a holiday in a heavy suit, all day on your feet, and the rays of the exhausting sun become “cherry on the cake”. The desire to work will disappear from anyone, even for a very large income. As they say - the animator is also a person and needs high-quality working conditions and healthy rest. What to do in this situation so that everyone, and not only guests at the holiday, feel as comfortable as possible?

Absolutely all businessmen face this problem whose animators work in growth suits, be it Thumbelina, Miki Mouse or a robot. But if you were told that now the animator in a transformer robot costume can have a rest, sitting with all the guests at the holiday table, would you believe? In addition, the transformer can even run and jump! What used to seem beyond fiction is now a reality.



“The League of Robots”, by numerous requests from customers, has created a unique innovative model of the transformer - OPTIMUS PALADIN 2019. This is a very light and maneuverable suit. The weight is only 12 kg, and the height is 2.2 meters. In the standard configuration has: the illumination of the helmet, body, legs and arms. In the complete set join: voice converter, transformation sounds, motion sensors, firing sounds, audio recorder, case with scripts, additional lighting and specials. effects.

The model is specially designed from flexible rubber for performances in small spaces where the animator needs to stay moving. Robot

will be able to take part in competitions, cheer guests, sitting at the table, as well as just relax and linger on the holiday a little longer. And it is profitable! After all, the time of the animator is money from the customer.

Your benefits from the acquisition of OPTIMUS PALADIN 2019:

  • Demanded. People want to celebrate the holidays fun and not banal. Wedding, birthday, corporate event - just a small example of where transformers are usually invited.
  • Conveniently. The animator does not get tired, which means that he can remain active, fun and entertain guests 100% even longer.
  • Inexpensive. According to statistics, the costume can pay off in just one large order of performance for a festive event.
  • Successful foundation of your business. You can buy a case with scripts from us and work on ready-made successful stories!

OPTIMUS PALADIN will entice both adults and children to any game. Robot-transformer is a long-awaited guest at any event, because he is able to turn any holiday into a real extravaganza. The presence of a beloved character at a celebration is always joy and genuine delight.

"League of Robots" offers you to start your own business now. The cost of our costumes in comparison with the development perspective that you get in the Event-sphere is really low.

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