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Optimus Exclusive

Optimus Exclusive костюм трансформера для аниматоров


  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Growth: 2.4
  • Height of feet: 50 cm.
  • Helmet review: 70%
  • Material: flexible rubber
  • price: from 3 170 $
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OPTIMUS Exclusive is an improved version of the most recognizable transformer in the history of cinema. The broad-shouldered robot is striking in its realism and power. The costume is designed in such a way that the presence of the animator in it is completely invisible, because massive details hide the slightest hint of a person under the armor. The updated backlight and sound also gives the robot a WOW effect.

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Complete set for conquering the market
  • Mechanical hands
  • Voice Transducer
  • Sound tracks
  • Case with scripts
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Golden mean
  • Mechanical hands
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