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Greetings from the Robot League shop!

бамболби из цеха

Just want to note that this is not a "response" of a satisfied buyer, not a special promotion or offer.

This is a small message to our customers and subscribers from the factory staff.
As you know, we, in the League of Robots, are engaged in creating costumes for the characters of the famous blockbusters.

How are the costumes created?

From the huge sheets of flexible rubber. Processing, giving them a shape, gluing, putting on frame fasteners, straps-clamps.
We fasten the details in small pieces.

Each model requires incredible effort, labor. And creation is fraught with some risk! After all, among other things, we are forced to work with paintwork materials, machine tools, etc., that life obviously does not prolong.

When selling the model, our manager asks customers to send photos from events where costumes are involved.
The other day we received a tablet with a huge number of photos, where our robots were visiting disabled children due to injuries and congenital diseases.

шоу костюмов косплей

Our master of the shift cried like a child, looking at the photo ... and he is a man under fifty, stern and especially large size.
It would seem that, not doing the most respected work, we, without knowing it ourselves, gave incredible joy for many years to those who have so little.

How many concerts, matinees, evenings and just visits to different institutions were conducted together with our robots!? ... Thousands.

Also we sometimes receive sent drawings of children-guests. They are hanging in our shop.
Of course, most of the merit of the animators, who managed to establish such a contact, but still ...

Why this all - we were given the opportunity, the whole team, to say to the animators, thank you very much, to thank those who appoint, coordinate, conduct meetings of our costumes with children, and those who tell us about it !!!

It is important for us that the work that we are daily engaged in is tangible.

It's an incredible feeling, go to work knowing that your work will make someone happy and make happy.
Please, gentlemen, customers, often please the modest workers with proofs of the fruitfulness of our work. =)

We attach pictures and photos of children to this letter and hope that our work will bring joy to every person.

Sincerely, the collective of the "League of Robots" factory


Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.