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Development of technical thought and creative thinking of children with the help of robots-transformers.

новогодние праздники 

Having worked many years with children, I have experienced on my own many times that it is best to absorb information or form a skill through specific actions. Children are very important, as they say, "hold the thing" in his hands.


And if you want quickly, accessible and understandable to them something to explain, then the best thing is the visibility. Teachers, by the way, know this very well and are widely used in practice.


And another, no less important, principle in the educational and pedagogical process is a game. Because it is in the form of games that children are the easiest and best learn new knowledge and get a boost to further development.


And the third point. It's one thing when there is a purposeful educational process. And quite another, when it happens in a relaxed, free form. For example, during regular games at home, on the street or on a holiday party.


Last year, my parents and I decided for our second class to organize the New Year holiday on their own, without participation in a school-wide matinee. And one of the moms offered to invite the animators.


The idea was received on "Hooray!". But the question arose about which characters the children would like to see. Here they themselves decided to ask about it. And to our great surprise, their pets turned out to be robots-transformers: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Shockwave, Ironheid, Galvatron, as well as Turtles Ninja, Hulk, Valley and other heroes of sensational blockbusters. And these characters were chosen by both boys and girls. It is clear that not all, but most.


Further, as you understand, it was necessary to find animators with such suits. I will not dissemble that easily, but we succeeded. I will not describe the entire preparatory process for a long time, I will only say that I did not even see such a luxurious children's holiday, having worked in the school for more than 20 years.


In addition to the bright and mesmerizing show, the children had the opportunity to be in full contact with their favorite characters. By the way, I forgot to say - we invited Bumblebee and Galvatron. The guys climbed into their arms, twisted and turned all the mechanisms, tried to "transform" them, fought with them, fired from a space cannon, and rejoiced heartily.


I must admit that we, adults, were fascinated by what is happening. So deep was the immersion in the fantastic fairy tale created by our Bumblebee and Galvatron.


Honestly, I, in general, did not suspect that today in our Russian market there are such skillful craftsmen - costume makers of Robots-transformers. It turned out that we have a whole factory - the "Robot League". And this is not some kind of handicraft desk, but a modern one, equipped with the latest technology production. Therefore, their costumes are made at such a high level that you can not tell from real heroes.


By the way, this was exactly the moment when the children comprehended the new in a playful form, clearly and unconstrainedly. Here you have physics (how it all works), and chemistry (from which it's done), and mathematics (exact calculation), and literature (science fiction), and astronomy (after all they are from the Cosmos), and much more.


And the main thing is that close contact with such characters gives an opportunity for an unprecedented flight of children's imagination. And, therefore, develops their creative and technical thinking. We were eyewitnesses of this already on the holiday, when after the departure of our animators, in a more relaxed atmosphere, the children shared impressions with each other.


The boys started offering various modifications and pickings of these heroes, which are not yet available, but they could be. The girls discussed what kind of ammunition they could still come up with. And much more.


This is what I call real pedagogy. When the eyes of children burn, when their mind becomes inquisitive, when they have new ideas and solutions.


Therefore, this year, I think, we will no doubt turn again to our beloved Transformers, even if this is a little expensive in the current crisis. But we know for sure that the guys will have a great holiday. Yes, and with the benefit for the development of our children.


P.S. And once again a huge gratitude to the factory "League of Robots".

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.