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Theme party "Robots captured the world"

  What Russian does not like to celebrate holidays on a grand scale? Songs, dances, a crowd of guests, bears, vodka! "Stupid stereotypes?", - you will think. And there is. We celebrate holidays, but we always want something original, new, sometimes even extreme and very often thematic.

    Let's stir up a party in the style of "Robots captured the world"? Forward, we fantasize. Most likely, your tusa will be in a nightclub. We'll work on the interior. We drag out of the house, hang out old computer mice, dead keyboards on the walls of a public institution, swing the electric muffle on the flash, and learn the dance techno movements. You are beautiful. Your guests should dress up in electronic people or bring with them some element of the robot's equipment (model of a shield, a sword, an automaton, etc.). Everyone independently comes up with an autobiography for his character. "Roboto-apocalypse" is preferably filled with "spices" of light escorts to your liking.

    We represent, robotosti "kolbasyatsya" under the incendiary rhythms of techno, preliminarily, having drunk the alcoholic oil for a long charge of "battery". Here, all simultaneously fall into a stupor. His eyes widened, his mouth opened involuntarily. Hell! On the dance floor is a real robot! The people think that the third cocktail was clearly superfluous. And they are mistaken! After all, who is well done? You're doing fine! Exactly, you are the organizer of the super party with the real Transformer! None of the guests could think of such an explosive surprise, as you dialed the phone number of the "League of Robots" to buy a growth doll of all your beloved hero.

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.