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Out of production
NINJA TURTLES костюм трансформера для аниматоров


  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Growth: +7 cm to the growth of the animator
  • 0
  • Helmet review: 70%
  • Material: flexible rubber
  • price: from 1 800 $
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Rethinking Jonathan Libesman's classic story of New York City's defenders from the sewer gave the audience new images from childhood familiar to each of the heroes - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The widespread popularity, uniqueness of images and a specific appearance caused the incredible popularity of heroes in audiences of all ages. The anthropomorphic structure of the characters together with detailed elaboration of the costumes will make the work of the animator as simple as possible and provide him with the attention of the whole hall, stage or street.

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Complete set for conquering the market
  • Backlight eyes, helmet, body, feet, arms
  • Voice Transducer
  • Sounds of footsteps, transformations
  • Sound tracks
  • Case with scripts
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Golden mean
  • Backlight eyes, helmet, body, feet, arms
  • ··················
  • ··················
  • ··················
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