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  • What are the terms of the transaction?

    • Conclude a contractual relationship. (In online mode).
    • Prepayment of 50%.
    • During the manufacturing period we send photos and videos of robots in order for you to advertise services and prepare a client base.
  • What is the costume made from? This is a one-piece construction?

    • The average costume consists of 15-16 elements
    • Material - flexible rubber.
    • The material is lightweight, can bend, but keeps the shape and is very functional.
    • The costume is dressed in turn, according to the instructions
  • Are the body parts of the animator visible?

    Under the robot's suit, black thermal underwear is put on to hide the animator's body parts.

  • How does electronics work?

    • Elements are powered by a 5-8 volt battery
    • In the minimum or medium suit, there are only LEDs in the eyes and body. They are powered by a battery.
    • Consultations of a technician
    • Replacement of electrical components (after identifying the cause).
  • Is it convenient to make different movements in a suit?

    Of course yes!

    • The elements of the costume and joints allow you to freely move your hands, walk and dance.
    • It's easy to move in them. There is a specificity - a platform for feet 25-30 cm. Rehearsal is necessary
  • The weapon shoots smoke or it can be bought additionally?

    • We can order the case of a smoke cannon that fires by releasing smoke.
    • Exclusive color.
    • The cost is 15 000 rubles.
    • Smoke generator is not included. The average cost in the Russian Federation is 4-6 thousand rubles.
  • Are there specific criteria for animators? (Size, height, weight)

    • The standard costume is designed to grow 175-189 cm.
    • If there are any anatomical features - please report in advance.
  • Can I order a costume without a voice effect?

    We can do everything!

  • Is the weather suit afraid of?

    • Nature does not have bad weather - So do our Transformers! Rain, snow, hail, moisture are not afraid.
    • We tested the costumes in the winter and in the heat of the summer.
  • If something is upset how to be?

    • It is easy to carry out an independent cosmetic repair. We will consult.
    • Any parts can be ordered at the factory. In an emergency, send the suit to our repair shop.
  • Technical equipment of a robot suit?

    • Audio effects - motion sound is provided by the operation of optical sensors. The sound of steps is triggered by movement.
    • Backlight (eyes, body) - LED lamps
    • Soundtrack (music from the movie) - written on the flash card, playback through standard audio speakers. Battery - used to power audio and lighting equipment.
    • Weapons - LED lighting and audio effects via the audio speaker, activated by pressing the "» trigger.
  • Is the Transformers brand protected? Will there be problems using?

    • The image of the "transformer" is not strictly defined, and patented at the level of each part and component of the visual appearance.
    • It's the brand name that is protected by rights.
    • For the use and positioning of the brand precisely as a "transformer" - yes, there may be trouble on the part of representatives of the film studio. In Russia and Europe, there have never been such precedents before, here it seems to no one is interested.
  • How can you use robot suits?

    • contracts with the SEC (from 500,000 rubles / 100 hours)  
    • TRC advertising (the most effective use case, allows you to maximize earnings, increase sales in the SEC and maximize the attention to your costumes from potential customers)  
    • on children's holidays (from 10,000 rubles / hour) is also a very popular option for use, both in the format of participation on children's holidays, and on individual birthdays at home  
    • at meetings of guests (from 10 000 rubles / hour) - less popular option, but also enjoys a certain demand  
    • at presentations of car dealerships and new car brands (from 20,000 rubles / hour) - a demanded offer, ideally coincides in theme with the format of customers  
    • wedding registrations of marriage (from 8,000 rubles / hour) - a rare option, but there were similar precedents (exclusively for the youth audience)  
    • participation in exhibitions and festivals (from 10,000 rubles / hour or 20,000 rubles / 4 hours) - high demand, but it is necessary to take into account the format of the event (cars, technology, entertainment industry, film screenings, etc.)  
    • work in schools on open lessons in robotics (from 10,000 rubles / hour) - less demanded option, but also there were precedents (more perspective direction of various developing children's centers, training centers, children's scientific and entertaining museums)  
    • advertising of toy stores and not only (from 30,000 rubles / 5 hours) - a promising direction, especially at the time of opening new stores, presentations, during special promotions and so on  
    • paid photo shoots - are in less demand, you need to establish relationships with professional photographers (in demand for photo shoots in magazines, for creating promotional images for customers, for promotional materials, etc.)  
    • nightclubs (from 10,000 rubles per hour) - in demand, popular, it is necessary to establish contacts with art directors of nightclubs
  • Are there any instructions for dressing, operating?

    Yes there is. After signing the contract and prepayment, send detailed instructions to the client. On request we provide photo and video instructions.

  • Can I order models of robots not listed on the site?

    • Yes. Our production and capabilities are unlimited.  
    • Send photos (pictures) of the desired characters.  
    • We will evaluate the possibilities, calculate the cost and the estimated production time.