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GALVATRON NEW костюм трансформера для аниматоров


  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Growth: 2.3 m
  • Height of feet: 35 cm.
  • Helmet review: 70%
  • Material: flexible rubber
  • price: from 2 800 $
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Artificially created by people, the ideal warrior in the service of people, was subsequently captured by Megatron, who resettled his creation from the dying body, as a result of which the main villain acquired incredible new forces and became even more evil, more dangerous and more bitter

Galvatron - the leader of the Decepticons, for many years showing the animated television series and the line of films is the key figure of the confrontation. The bright image and stylish design of Galvatron, Megatron's new body, coupled with the services of the hero from the original television series, forced the fans of the series to recognize the hero as a separate, independent personality, and allowed them to gain popularity beyond the amateurs and connoisseurs of Laura.

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Complete set for conquering the market
  • Backlight eyes, helmet, body, feet, arms
  • Voice Transducer
  • Sounds of footsteps, transformations
  • Sound tracks
  • Case with scripts
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Golden mean
  • Backlight eyes, helmet, body, feet, arms
  • ··················
  • ··················
  • ··················
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