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Iron Man

Iron Man костюм трансформера для аниматоров


  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Growth: +7 cm to the growth of the animator
  • Height of feet: 5 cm.
  • Helmet review: 70%
  • Material: flexible rubber
  • price: from 2 000 $
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Железный человек Марк 6
Железный человек Марк 6 костюм робота трансформера
Железный человек костюм трансформера
Железный человек костюм
Железный человек костюм робота


The symbol of the modern era, a hero who is universally known to people of all ages, nationalities and religions. Iron Man, he's also Tony Stark, genius, billionaire and philanthropist, leader of the Avengers, Illuminati and stuff.

The world does not find a man who would not have heard of flying in a super-tech suit defender of the Earth, just like someone who did not know what he looks like. The suit, created by the masters of the Robot League, recreates the hero in the smallest detail, reducing the differences to the original almost to zero. Iron Man will definitely become the center of everyone's attention regardless of the situation and will create around itself an incredible agiotage and photo-zone.

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Complete set for conquering the market
  • Backlight eyes, helmet, body, feet, arms
  • Voice Transducer
  • Sounds of footsteps, transformations
  • Sound tracks
  • Case with scripts
  • ··················
  • ··················
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Golden mean
  • Backlight eyes, helmet, body, feet, arms
  • ··················
  • ··················
  • ··················
  • ··················
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