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The most creative ideas for the show of robot transformers

новогодние праздники 

When it comes to robot transformers, we most often associate them with children's entertainment. But, believe me, what we'll tell you today, radically breaks this stereotype.


And we will talk about real live robots transformers in full human growth, who talk, dance, play, fight and delight all spectators.


Such a character has two components - a professional actor or animator and an absolutely naturalistic robot-transformer costume. Factory "League of Robots" is ready to offer you the costumes of almost all the heroes of the sensational blockbusters.


Next, you are attaching to this an interesting scenario, and a fantastic holiday is ready. And any, and not only children. The main thing is to order costumes of robots-transformers of good quality.


Of course, the appearance of robot transformers is more familiar and clear at the children's celebration. And this is not only the birthday of your child, but also a prom, a morning in the kindergarten, a themed party, etc.

Believe, your children will be sincerely grateful to you for the joy that you will give them.


But do not forget about adults. For example, the appearance on the corporate robot transformers will make an indelible impression on the whole team. And the rating of the management of the company or firm will fly off instantly.


And as you idea - transformer as a gift. You order a real robot transformer, and he comes with a prepared show, gift and congratulations to your friend or friend, colleague or boss, relative or just a close person. Believe me, your gift will be the most incredible and will cause a storm of vivid emotions and ecstasy.


 You took a long time to decide, you were going to, prepared to offer your girlfriend a marriage proposal. But you are very much afraid to hear "no" in reply. Then, boldly invite yourself to help robot transformer. When you confess your narrowing in love in such a creative and unusual way, you can rest assured - she will definitely say: "Yes!".


And what a flight of imagination can be in the use of robot transformers at a wedding event, starting out-of-town registration of marriage and ending with the removal of the wedding cake.

Just imagine that instead of a boring strict woman with a business folder in hand, your marriage will hold, say, Shockwave or Bumblebee. At least, no one can forget such an event!


And in the process of the triumph with the invited robot transformers, you do not have to worry about the fact that the wedding will be boring and uninteresting.


The brilliant appearance of transformers is often accompanied by smoke, light and musical effects. The robot transformer can perform enchanting dance, lighting up all the guests, saying a congratulation in an unusual voice, holding a dance battle, an interesting contest, an award ceremony, etc.


With your unusual guest you can spend a posh photo session to please your friends with stunning photos for a memory.


And, of course, a wedding cake! Which will not make a gloomy waiter, but a real hero-giant. And once again congratulate the perpetrators of the celebration.


And if you have a child, and you want to surprise your beloved woman, as well as all relatives and friends, then the robot-transformer as the one who will meet at the discharge of your baby from the hospital will be very useful. Just imagine the joy, delight and amazement of your wife when such a handsome man will present her with a huge bouquet of flowers.


Perhaps, if you tighten your imagination, you will find another 1000 and 1 way of using robot transformers. In any case, we hope you have already realized that this is a storehouse of opportunities, both for entertainment and for the development of your business.


You already have creative ideas for this. It remains to order the costumes of robot transformers in the Robot League and start giving people a holiday. And success to you is absolutely guaranteed.

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.