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What kind of costumes did we make for the Safronov illusionists?

It all started in May 2018
A representative of a large event-agency came to us and brought several sketches of cosmic heroes' costumes. It was about the fact that the agency has a client whose interests they represent, and now they are choosing the main contractor for the production of various costumes for the show, which will be at the end of the year.

Then we did not know what it would be for the show and who its creator.

Maxim honestly warned us that a test order would be given to several companies in order to identify the best.

We were absolutely not against, and even vice versa.

The second condition was that we couldn’t show any details of the work before the show, any photos of the costumes - nothing at all. Nothing had to leave the limits of production. No photos should have appeared on the same social network.


Какие костюмы мы делали для иллюзионистов Сафроновых


The scale of the task was amazing. This we have not done, and it was very interesting and informative. I had to solve a bunch of difficulties.

Develop a new skeleton scheme, distribute the load, mechanize the movement of hands and head, add new degrees of freedom to the animator.

We did not even think about what was going on among the competitors and somehow imperceptibly Maxim added more and more new tasks to us.

As a result, it became clear that we were given most of the order, as regards our direction.


Какие костюмы мы делали для иллюзионистов Сафроновых?

More photos and information you can see in our photo album, in link.

I also recommend watching the instagram accounts of the guys @safronovbrothers and @safronovy_kosmos

During the New Year holidays, the show was visited by 108,000 thousand people, 33 concerts were given, which also means that the format is amazingly successful. Ticket price from 800 rubles to several thousand.

Therefore, if you have an idea of your show - embody, do not hesitate.

Success is guaranteed.

Какие костюмы мы делали для иллюзионистов Сафроновых?


The show is over, but the country is waiting for new performances. The trend is set and now new shows, new formats and new performances will appear.

For half a year we kept the secret and worked in an emergency mode, one by one, new masterpieces were created, we received more and more new sketches that were translated into patterns and then characters, requisites, weapons were born.

Maxim flew several times to try on costumes, brought new ideas and solutions.

In total, you produced 16 costumes, 21 types of different weapons and one Teslagan. And also a lot of props.

Only we sent more than 50 boxes, and in total 8 companies from all over the world participated in the production.


Какие костюмы мы делали для иллюзионистов Сафроновых?


And we send our greetings to our competitors, because, thanks to them as well, we received this order.

But from the bottom of my heart I would like to wish them success in their work and improve the quality of production.

We are for fair competition and respect for each other.


If you want to order any costume or discuss production details,

call us at any time or write in contact.

Phone-Whats Up: 8-988-31-10-110


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