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How do costume robot transformers?

лига роботов


I always wondered how the costumes of robot transformers do. Well, not made of iron, in fact? Otherwise they would weigh like a knight's armor and not every animator could wear it.


When I decided to buy my first suit, first of all I went to the factory of the Liga-Robots company to see everything myself, to make sure of their reality, to see the production. For me it was important.


It all starts with choosing a character from the movie and selecting a good frame or frames. It is necessary that all the details are visible.


After that, a sketch is drawn on paper, the size, the necessary volume is estimated and all the elements of the costume of the chosen robot transformer are created.


There is a so-called first prototype.
For this, special rubber is used. Which easily bends, takes any shape, light, odorless and well-colored.


When it becomes clear how many elements a suit consists of, it is given the task of making each part manually! This is a filigree work that takes the most time.


The production of robot-transformer suits is actually a very fascinating process. Of course, there their secrets are literally at every step.


Technologies of gluing, staining, drying - all copyrights. From the production experience of the company and all of them are strictly protected.
Costumes robot transformers were tested both in winter in the cold, so in a strong heat. Now they are ready to work in any conditions.


After the prototype is ready and passed all tests, it is given to production. By ready-made patterns, the precision laser machine cuts out all the necessary details.
And it happens literally before your very eyes!


So if you decide to buy a robot-transformer suit - I'll give you one piece of advice - be sure to visit the production of the Robot League company!


Then you will be able to make a right and balanced decision, which you will never doubt.

Come to visit us!