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Who creates costumes of robot transformers

новогодние праздники 

If you think that robot transformers are just toys and are interesting only for children, then you are deeply mistaken.


Take at least the American inventor Peter Kokis who, in response to his girlfriend's claim that he has no imagination, and he does not want to try anything new, in 2007 made his first robot-transformer costume and went to shock the audience.


To create their masterpieces, the retired helicopter pilot of the US Army and the former head of security in hotels uses all sorts of household items - toilet seats, toilet brushes, door springs, vegetable cutters, soap dishes, etc.


Each of his hero consists of several thousand details and multiple layers of paint. And the weight of the costumes sometimes reaches 70-75 kg.


This occupation fascinated Peter so much that in 2011 he quit his job and spent about 400 hours creating his main "firstborn" - the head of Autobots Optimus Prime. In his collection also appeared Ironhead, Bumblebee and even the robot Terminator.


Later, using all his savings, Peter Kokis started his own business of making robot transformers.


According to Kokis himself, the cost of his costumes is formed not so much from the cost of parts, how much of the time spent, and an average of 15-20 thousand dollars and buy a robot suit transformer can not everyone. And the author still loves to dress in his own costumes and go out into the streets of New York for the joy of people.


But it's there, in far America. And what about us? And we have a whole factory for the production of Robot Transformers "League of Robots". And not from improvised materials, but from high-tech flexible rubber and high-quality plastic. Moreover, with the use of special and very convenient fastening systems, light and sound equipment. And the whole process of manufacturing is carried out on modern equipment.


In the arsenal of the factory "League of Robots" there is an incomparably greater number and variety of proposed heroes than that of Peter Kokis. Therefore, we can safely say that both quality and quantity are much better and higher in our country.


It is clear that for the shocking people around you, it is unlikely that in your right mind you will acquire a robot-transformer costume. But here for the development of their own business and getting a decent income - quite. Moreover, the price of such a suit is 4-5 times lower than that of a famous American colleague.


Therefore, boldly draw up a business plan, acquire the ammunition of the necessary heroes and launch the show of transformers.

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.