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Avengers: Earth's Mighty Heroes

The Robot League never stands still, and presents you a new line of costumes - "Avengers: Mighty Heroes of the Earth". The Hulk and Iron Man are familiar to anyone, and are included in the top twenty of the "100 best heroes of all time" according to the version of resources such as IGN and AFI, and are the flagships in the car-tuned Marvel. Popular characters will decorate any event, they will gather around the public and create their owners an entire advertising company with their own presence.

The suits are made of flexible rubber, which makes them resistant to bad weather and unpretentious in cleaning, and four-layer painting gives strength and provides a great appearance for a long time. The Iron Man costume is also equipped with LED lights, which makes it seem incredibly realistic and alive.

The size of the costumes is regulated by internal straps, which allows them to fit into any shape and growth of the media without distorting their appearance.

Superheroes will be welcome guests at any party, holiday or promotion, and their durability and ease of maintenance will turn their purchase into a ready-made business that generates revenue in the first days.

Some of the most famous heroes will be the conductors of their owners in the world of event-organization and will charge everyone around them with positive emotions. And do not forget that a photo with Tony Stark or Bruce Benner will be a welcome target for anyone who has a profile on Twitter and Instagram. That is, all. The League of Robots knows.

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.