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Anti-banal, or I want to buy a robot

Do you know what banalness is? Of course. This is boredom, commonness, commonness and the animator's most important enemy. Alas, ah, in our time, enough dull entertainment industry workers.

    It all begins on a children's matinee, when the children are not in a hurry to laugh at the flat jokes of elderly clowns. The painted faces of children from the generation of gadgets also do not surprise. Speech is doomed to failure. "You forgot about the costumes!", You will say. Yes indeed. You can bring to the holiday an old battered life doll teletubbies. Unquestionably, this is an application for victory. A sign of a bright personality. Just kidding. The main thing is that the kids do not burst into tears from the ordinary nature of this spectacle.

    We do not want any of the animators to be a loser, so we have several options for solving this problem.

    We turn off manats, load props, we collect hands in feet, we dump from the place of "crime", burning bridges behind ourselves. Because of the soiled reputation we delete all client base, we go to work as the janitor on a city area.

    I do not like?

     The robot factory is also against such an outcome of events. You can still become a successful animator, who deserves to be impressed by the uniqueness of the image and the power of the idea. After all, innovative technologies do not stand still. The young generation has long fascinated and is surprised by super-heroes and robots. The most real, singing, talking. What child does not dream of making friends with transformers or Tony Stark (Iron Man)? There are no such!

    We grew up on tales of Kolobok, who are already classics. Modern children and adolescents know everything about comics, and even more. Directors on them make films, fans try on themselves images of national heroes. It's time to keep up with the era and follow the needs of the target audience. Animators, first of all, should be elated by the jubilant audience. You deserve to be the first and the best! "League of robots" is happy to help you. You can buy a transformer costume right now. Our growth dolls are an absolute advantage in the animatorial field.

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.