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History of Cybertron

A series of "Transformers" - a story about the eternal war of robots, capable of transforming into machinery and animals. Their battles for their home planet, Cybertron and Earth. Initially, "transformers" - a series of toys of the American company "Hasbro" and the Japanese company "TakaraTomy". When they became very popular, work began on the creation of a cartoon series, anime and comics. In 2007, the premiere of the film of the same name took place, which marked the beginning of a new "transformer boom".

    One of the versions of the origin of the race of transformers says that 11 million years ago the planet Cybertron was inhabited by the race of quintessons. They were highly developed mechanized beings. In the course of scientific research, they discovered a new source of energy - energy, which in its capacity was many times greater than all previously known sources. The first time he was treated with apprehension, carefully studied. A special radiation emitted by the energy was found, but in the end it was found to be safe for living organisms and mechanisms. At that time the quintessons actively used the first prototypes of transformers, and it was this mysterious radiation that affected the silicon processors of conventional manned robots, giving them intelligence.

    The cruel quintessons began the production of two types of robots: combat robots-gladiators (Decepticons), who were forced to fight among themselves for the sake of entertainment of the hosts, and robots-workers (Autobots). For a long time oppression over intelligent machines lasted until they rebelled against their masters. The First Cybertrone War began, during which the quintessons were defeated and expelled from the planet.

    The era of peace has come. Autobots were still engaged in construction, crafts and science, and the Decepticons became warriors, defenders of the planet Cybertron and guardians of order. However, Autobots and Decepticons were too different in their way of life, thinking, philosophy, and between them there were serious differences. The conflict was constantly heated up until it became an open struggle for power. Thus began the Second Cybertron War, during which the Autobots invented a transformation technology that allowed robots to change their form, quickly rebuilding them into weapons / vehicles. Also, the Autobots managed to use the giant robot guards remaining from the quintessons. Thanks to this, a victory was won over the Decepticons, and the Autobots ceased to perceive them as a serious threat.



However, soon the Autobots had to pay for their carelessness. After a while, the Decepticons also mastered the technology of transformation, and from that moment the Autobots lost their main advantage. In addition, the Decepticons have a new sinister leader - Megatron. Taking advantage of the carelessness of the enemy, he created a large army and unleashed the Third Cybertron War, which continues to this day.

    Further, according to the history of the universe of Michael Bay, as a result of the destructive war, the native world of the robot warriors was destroyed, and Iskra, the so-called device that gave life to the mechanisms, was lost. During the search, Megatron learned that she had fallen on Earth for many years before the man. After going after it, it crashed and was chained in ice until the Autobots arrived on Earth. The history of the war for Iskra, the Matrix of Leadership - the artifact of the First Primes and of the creators, the war and the conquest of the Earth, the creation of people by analogs of the Transformers from the Cereals and transformations, are devoted to paintings. Paintings that collect hundreds of millions of dollars of hire and with heroes known to everyone in the world.

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