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Review from St. Petersburg

We want to thank the "League of robots" and separately Julia Zhdanov for constant consultation. Patience and resolve all issues in the shortest possible time. We ordered immediately 4 heroes Bumblebee, Optimus, Galvatron, Roadbuster. I liked the fast terms of work, which meant that a large team was working. Always in touch were those specialists that we needed. There was an option that we did not arrange the color and here everything was decided and repainted. We were sent photos of the details and only after approval, everything was finished. Therefore, I can note the most important thing that at each stage of the work were the right people and a quick solution to any situation. We demanding customers and wanted to be as similar to the original in the movie, so if something did not like, it was spent for revision, without any questions. Our handsome men have come, now they are conquering St. Petersburg! The deadline was fulfilled at the exact time. We are sure that we will certainly address more than once. Success and prosperity to your team!




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