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The handsome Camaro is now in our ranks!


We all remember the searing Bambelby from Transformers, which turned into a cult American sports car Chevrolet Camaro. Especially in the moments when in it sat the beautiful little girls-girlfriends of the protagonist. This is my favorite robot-transformer, with an awesome sense of humor, which, by the way, became the first Autobot in the frame, which we saw.

Perhaps the most frequent request that all our clients asked us was about Camaro.

"When will you make a robot transformer costume that can turn into a car?"

A year we thought how to do it, we looked for solutions and engineering insights. Our technologists and designers have broken a single pencil and have painted a ton of A4 paper.

Our test animators even signed up for yoga and scenic skills, but that was not enough. As usual, all ingenious is simple.

First of all, we have so far abandoned full robotization and at the first stage it's still a suit that a man wears. Secondly, we found out in which position a person can be for a rather long time, "depicting the machine." Or if he had to get up in a certain way.

Then we made such a suit of foam rubber and started fitting and testing. We made the first details. And the subsequent detail was made after the previous one was adjusted.

The thickness and density of the material was chosen, especially in the places of support and on the elbow and knee joints. We broke a lot of costumes before he appeared.

Ultra-modern, innovative, nanotechnological and storm-causing delight, incredibly steep - a suit-transformer.

And together and new opportunities, which open with the presence of such a handsome man.

Just imagine: the evening, the light, alone standing Camaro suddenly synchronously turns into a huge robot warrior. Terribly shining eyes, drives around guns, making real sounds like in the movies!

And all this is absolutely real. Wow effect, which will definitely be for a long time to tell each other absolutely everyone who will be in the zone of its influence. And it can be applied in almost any business.

It's just for show, holiday, show, theatrical performance, performance, podium and even a big stage! It will be the highlight of absolutely any event that you will come up with and implement. In our business plan, its use of more than 30 options, each of which can bring a minimum of 10 to 30 thousand rubles at a time. And this is not the limit.

Be the first to have this unique transformer suit and pre-order right now. And we guarantee that you will be the exclusive owner of this suit in your city!

All you need to do is send our managers a request to clarify the city and book it right now. We will contact you and answer all your questions.

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Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.