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The struggle between good and evil is an eternal theme.

косюмы роботов

The struggle between good and evil is, indeed, an eternal theme for the reflection of all times and peoples. And on us, adults, there is a huge responsibility, what concepts we will lay in our children. In fact, the future of our country, our planet and the world as a whole depends on this, neither much, nor little. This is such a difficult task.

It's not a secret for anyone that children do not accept moralizing and long, tiresome conversations about something. With them you need to talk in their imaginative and living language, and yes, preferably, in a game form. Only in this case you can convey to them the necessary information.

And yet everyone knows the fact that our children will soon imitate someone or something, rather than listen to us. Against psychology you will not trample. Therefore, if we want to sow in our children, as they say, all the most reasonable, bright and the best, then we will have to put a lot of effort into this. But, believe me, it's worth it.

In the time of our childhood, parents solved this problem with the help of fairy tales, instructive stories, cartoons about Wolf and Hare, about Cheburashka and Crocodile Genu, about Cat Leopold, etc. But everything is changing, especially now, in an age of unprecedented technological progress. Therefore, we can no longer confine ourselves to the existing arsenal of positive and negative heroes of the past, although they have not been canceled either.

And even if you yourself are not a big supporter of modern blockbusters, do not have any idea about Autobots, cybertron artifacts, Decepticons, etc., then you will have to figure it all out because your modern child, believe me, knows everything about it and even more.

And if these are the characters that make him the most interested, then, with their help, you can achieve the best result in the formation of his ideas about good and evil.

But it's one thing when you and your children watched these exciting films, and quite another when you met them live. The effect increases many times. And today it has become, indeed, possible.

Since, finally, we have a whole factory for the production of robot transformer suits, which is called, in full growth - the "League of Robots". Every robot or character made by skilled craftsmen of this factory is a unique product, where every detail is handmade.

For example, you have a children's holiday, and you want to surprise your child with something bright and unusual. You go to an agency for organizing various events, where you are offered animators in the costumes of Optimus, Bumblebi, Shockwave and Megatron or the animators in the costumes of Baba Yaga, Barmalei, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella.

Of course, you are closer to the last set of characters. But do not rush, but think about who your son or daughter would choose. And they would most likely prefer the first four heroes, because today they are closer and clearer, whether you like it or not.

In addition, their educational effect is no less than that of the heroes of fairy tales we have long known.

Because the wise, noble and just commander-in-chief of the Autobots, Optimus, the saving world, and the faithful and brave Bamblby will demonstrate to your child all the might of the good, and with the help of the merciless, insidious and cruel leader of the Decepticons Megatron and his cunning and quirky deputy Shokveiva, the children learn about the insidious forces Evil.

Therefore, if in the agency you were offered exactly these heroes, then agree, without hesitation. In addition, you will receive not only animators in the usual, often well-worn, costumes, but the present bright, dynamic and sparkling show as the leaders of your children's holiday. If there are no such firms in the firm, we advise you to look for someone else.

Well, if you are the same agency, then do not forget to step in step with the times and technologies. Analyze trends and preferences, and they are formed from the TV screens, through the cinema and the materialization of various characters in the lives of children, and adults too

Do not need to invent some unusual product or service - just follow the trends, and give people what they want. Well, robots, transformers are admired by everyone, from small to large!

Any self-respecting and dynamically developing company for organizing various shows, holidays, concert events, etc. Will certainly pay attention to modern costumes and props of robot transformers from the first factory for their production and sale - the "League of Robots".

P.S. Create yourself and your children an unforgettable holiday together with robots-transformers. And do not forget what will be our world tomorrow, depends only on us with you.



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