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Good afternoon. My name is Oksana Dmitrievna and I am the host and organizer of various holidays - anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties, children's matinees, graduation parties, presentations, etc. My work experience is more than 10 years. Therefore, I know a lot about this service sector from personal experience. I work in the Pskov region. Now I want to tell (at the request of Julia) the story of my acquaintance with the company "League of robots"


When I started working in the holiday industry everything was very simple - the client was quite a few verses and a couple of unpretentious competitions. Now, in this situation, you just stay behind the board of the profession.


The entertainment industry, especially over the last 10 years, has moved very far ahead. Sometimes you do not even have time to get into some kind of know-how, as it is already considered an old, battered and uninteresting public. And new scripts, various shows and modern chips have already come to replace.


And recently I spent a children's birthday, where besides me were still invited animators. And since they had a separate program, my task was only to designate the time most convenient for their presentation. Who exactly they will portray, I did not know.


But when they arrived, they changed their clothes and went out to the public (by the way, there were both children and adults), then the mouth opened with excitement not only among children, their parents, but also among me.


I, in principle, by the time I heard about the costumes of robots, transformers, but never seen them. By and large, they did not even have to say anything special, and do it, because the suit itself was already a stunning show. And in combination with a well thought out scenario, it was just fantastic - in a literal and figurative sense.


They were the costumes of the commander-in-chief of Autobots, Optimus and the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. Glee of the children was no limit. After all, these are their favorite heroes of modern blockbusters. And adults, even if they were not in the subject, were still fascinated by the enchantment of what was happening.


In addition, the animators chose a very clever tactic, buying two suits at once. The fact is that when there are two characters, you can already make up a story between them, it's easier to write a certain script. But, on the other hand, if necessary, these costumes can be used separately.


I wondered how much it cost, I realized that it was not cheap. But the price corresponds to the quality and capabilities of this ammunition of robot transformers. And they are made very high quality, using the latest materials - flexible rubber, plastic, acoustic and LED elements, which allow you to achieve the ultimate realism, both the hero himself and everything that happens to him.


And, as it turned out, all this is the manual work of the magnificent masters of the robot transformers factory "LEAGUE ROBOT".


Of course, in the end I took the coordinates of "Optimus" and "Megatron", so that if necessary, have the opportunity to cooperate with them. After all, my work as a leader and organizer is valuable, including the fact that I can offer the client something unusual, some zest, something extraordinary. A similar performance will be appropriate not only at the children's festival, but at any other event. Open mouths of parents told me everything for themselves. And for myself, I still decided that the share of complete happiness I need will also be Bambelby and I'm looking forward to my favorite costume of the transformer humorist now.



I appeal to my colleagues. If you are looking for, than to diversify the outdated scenarios, then the "League of Robots" is what you need. Checked in person!

Oksana Dmitrievna,

Head of the studio of the holidays "Watercolor", Pskov.

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.