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Better to see once than hear a hundred times

черепашки нинзя

Appeared on the Russian screens in the early 90's the first series of the American cartoon about the funny and brave Turtles Ninja immediately won the hearts and minds of a huge number of boys and even girls. With constant interest, they watched the adventures of the amicable quartet of incredibly brave and dexterous fighters.

In the shops began to appear toys in the form of Ninja Turtles, with which you could play, repeating what you saw on the screen or inventing new adventures for your favorite characters. But years have passed, and modern children are no longer surprised with plastic figures from the children's store. At the same time, interest in these characters is no less than 20 years ago.

And those whose childhood was just at the beginning of the 90's, with pleasure indulge in childhood memories, taking from the dusty boxes of Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello.

And then the joy of today's children and nostalgic adults can come the entertainment and celebration industry. After all, what we see on TV screens, read in books, listen to audio recordings or get in the form of small similarities of heroes, can not compare with real characters - Ninja Turtles.

They can be touched, talked to them, play and even recreate fascinating stories from your favorite cartoon. And the Turtles will be so real that the spirit captures even in adults.

The fact is that a whole team of professionals from the "Robot League" worked on the suits of Ninja Turtles. The realism of these characters is achieved due to the anthropomorphic structure of all their equipment. Flexible rubber, from which the basic details of a suit are made, allows to achieve the maximum similarity with the original. In addition, it greatly facilitates the work of the animator.

Special fasteners and carbines make the apparel of these heroes very convenient to use. The costume does not slip anywhere, does not warp, and the person in it retains a sufficiently high mobility. What is important when working with children and adults.

And special effects in the form of LED elements, an audio recorder, a voice converter and a space gun will destroy even the most spoiled audience.

Therefore, be it a children's party, a corporate event, an anniversary, a concert, an advertising event and even a wedding, the real Turtles of Ninja can become an indispensable assistant to every event organizer. And their appearance on the holiday will be happy, both adults and children.

In addition, the factory "League of Robots", which incidentally has its own high-tech production, offers you a very favorable discount when you acquire all four characters together and a case with scenarios of the most popular and enchanting shows and speeches.

Actually, even if you are a beginner showman or a holiday organizer, then this alone will be enough for you to start a very successful and profitable business in entertainment.

And the show, friends, as you know, you can only see. Talk about it is meaningless. And, therefore, there must be those who will show it and ... get a decent reward for it!

Write and call our managers and get a full consultation on the costumes, especially since on the eve of the New Year we have prepared for you an excellent offer!

We will make robot-transformer costumes for you.