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Toys for big boys. Or a successful idea of marketers.

новогодние праздники 

Touch the world of high technology - with these words an unearthly creature approached us.

And in the literal sense - unearthly. More precisely, cosmic. Because it was a robot transformer from the famous blockbuster "Transformers" - Megatron (leader of the Decepticons).


Well, now about everything in order. On the eve of the New Year my husband and I went to a large shopping and entertainment center in the electronics store. I needed to buy a new laptop. And at the entrance to the salon we were met by this giant.


Honestly, we were going to visit a completely different electronics hypermarket, but my husband, as hypnotized, was already taking a confident step behind Megatron. By the way, another surprise awaited us inside us in the form of Shockwave. The spectacle, I must admit, is impressive.


The seller-consultant selflessly painted to us in paints different models of laptops. I tried to penetrate, but with difficulty. And my husband, in my opinion, in general, did not hear what was being said. His attention was completely focused on the animated robot transformers. And only a solid age, it seems to me, he was held in order not to start playing with them and to disassemble them into details.


Laptop, in the end, we bought. And, not the cheapest and unpretentious. Although to work for me this, maybe, was not needed. In this case, my rather economical husband did not have a shadow of doubt about this.


And, in general, I had the impression that in this euphoric state he would have bought many more different goods in this store, if I had asked him. Oh, what a pity that such wonderful robot transformers were not in the jewelry boutique next door.


Honestly, these characters made an indelible impression on me. The costumes on the animators seemed to grow to them. It was impossible even to understand that there is an ordinary person inside. So realistic they were made. It's just some fantastically flexible rubber, plastic, the whole entourage in full volume, along with a space gun, LEDs, and even a voice recorder.


In general, the marketers of this store were on top. Instead of traditional Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, this is such a smart extravaganza. And, as a result, as they say, "the people's path will not grow." By the way, literally through a few shops, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden were still bored. And enviously watched their competitors - Megatron and Shokvev.


While our purchase was made out and packed, my spouse already in full contact with the aliens from space. And I asked the seller where they got such beauty. And it turned out that we have a whole factory for the production of robot transformer suits "Robot League". And Megatron with Shokvevom is not their only development.


Therefore, if other stores and stores of this shopping and entertainment center pick up the idea, then they have the opportunity to invite to themselves and Optimus, and Bumblebi, and Ironheid, and Galvatron, as well as Turtles Ninja, Hulk, Valley and other famous characters. All of them are waiting for you in the "Robot League".


P.S. If big "boys" react to this know-how, just imagine that it will be at the door of the children's toy store, if there are, for example, Gundam or Roadbuster.

Мы изготовим костюмы роботов-трансформеров и для Вас.